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Parts of Speech

Explanation of the 9 parts of speech in the English language

Plurals vs Apostrophes

Rules for using plurals & apostrophes

The Yearbook is Under Construction! Staff Recruitment 2015

The 2014 Yearbook Staff has our next yearbook UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Apply by February 28, 2014, to join the 2015 Yearbook Staff.

Language Arts

The Dance (Lord of the Flies)

Lake and BenVo use the Kaoss Pad to bring THE DANCE to life from the Lord of the Flies.

Blood Drive 2015

Bold drive 2015

No Maverick Name Calling

Name Calling No Maverick

Frog & Toad Together

Frog and Toad Together book

Self-Conclusion - Kelly

The Pact Book Report (Walter)

Sentence Structure/Types

Types of sentences

Head On Repetition

Repetition Head On

NyQuil Card Stacking

Card Stacking NyQuil

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites

Dominos Glittering Generalities

Glittering Generalities Dominos

Muse Machine


Reggae Style (Lord of the Flies)

Jack's choir might have felt a little Rastafarian after this song with Lake and Michael.

Kim Jong Name Calling

Name Calling Kim Jong