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iPads in the Classroom

Leah LaCrosse from Huron City Schools talks about how she used iPads in her 5th grade science classroom during the 2010-11 school year. This is a recording of a 2011 Summer Institute session.

Passion and Persistence

Passion and Persistence

April 17 Inservice

April 17 Inservice

Change your gMail Password

Watch this video to know how to change your gMail password. *NOTE: our gMail has been updated since the time this video was produced; however, you are still able to follow the instructions.

Edmodo At a Glance

Quick overview of what can be done on Edmodo

Summer Institute 2013: iPads in Practice

Presented by Janelle Ehninger, Kolleen Hryb, Rebecca Henderson, Julie Hellerstein & Christina Brown<br />
<br />
History, Language Arts, Math, Science and Spanish teachers will collaboratively share the process of planning, the daily implementation benefits, and the occasional setbacks involved in implementing an iPad curriculum. The session will highlight successful apps for daily educational activities, organization, and content specific use.

Aspirations homeroom video

Please show video in homeroom on May 7th.

Teachers and Principals talk about Google Docs

Teachers and Principals talk about Google Docs

Black and White and scanned all over

Short video showing how to use QR codes in the classroom

Third and Fourth Grade PE Post Conference

Third and Fourth Grade PE Post Conference

Google Classroom 101

Check out this demo video to see an overview of how the tool works for teachers and students. In this video, you will learn how to set up classes and add students, create assignments, and review student work. Published on Jun 12, 2014

Words to Live By

Video from United Way Robin Spiller/Athletic Director

Study Island Overview

Brief description of Study Island