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Respect Rap Only

Respect Rap Only posted by Hal Sandick


Sophie's Masterpiece read by CCH Pounder

Sophie's Masterpiece read by CCH Pounder

Summer Institute 2013: iPads in Practice

Presented by Janelle Ehninger, Kolleen Hryb, Rebecca Henderson, Julie Hellerstein & Christina Brown<br />
<br />
History, Language Arts, Math, Science and Spanish teachers will collaboratively share the process of planning, the daily implementation benefits, and the occasional setbacks involved in implementing an iPad curriculum. The session will highlight successful apps for daily educational activities, organization, and content specific use.

100 Years in 10 Minutes

Compilation of the last 100 years. Some important events are missing (juri gagarin, martin luther king, and some more...) in a few weeks i revise this video and add some events. To not blow up the time frame, i had to leave out some more or less important events, i want to show. Exclusive original recordings, except for ''14.Apr.1912 Sinking of Titanic''(movie) and ''31.Oct.1952 Explosion of the first hydrogen bomb (another explosion and not Ivy Mike) 1.Track: Hans Zimmer - Dark Knight - End Credits 2.Track: Hans Zimmer - Inception - The Dream Is Collapsing 3.Track: Hans Zimmer - Last Samurai - Final Charge 4.Track: Hans Zimmer - PoC Am Ende der Welt - One Day Enjoy!

Social Studies

iPads in the Classroom

Leah LaCrosse from Huron City Schools talks about how she used iPads in her 5th grade science classroom during the 2010-11 school year. This is a recording of a 2011 Summer Institute session.

Heroes for Life

State Farm Insurance Companies National Association of Elementary School Principals American School Counselor Association


iPads in Practice (prezi presentation)

The presentation slides from the SI2013 session.

iPads in the Classroom support documentation

These notes are the notes that Leah LaCrosse refers to in her iPads in the Classroom Summer Institute session.