rspangler's Media Stream

Piggy Got Smashed by the Rock

Phil B. drops some sweet beats about the unfortunate events Piggy couldn't see coming (literally).

Lord of the Flies: 2012 Edition

Isaac, Matt, Kristen, and DJ bring the action of Lord of the Flies into 2012 with humor and music.

Lord of the Flies (Ke$ha Style)

Alex, Morgan, and Sadie channel Ke$ha as they detail the boys' struggle on the island.

Reggae Style (Lord of the Flies)

Jack's choir might have felt a little Rastafarian after this song with Lake and Michael.

The Dance (Lord of the Flies)

Lake and BenVo use the Kaoss Pad to bring THE DANCE to life from the Lord of the Flies.

Beowulf Doin' Work

JT raps about Beowulf and his three mortal battles in the epic poem.

Yeah, Piggy

JT raps to "Wild Boys" by MGK about how the boys on the island truly "go wild."

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