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Landing on the Moon

Landing on the moon

French Impressionism

French Impressionism

Green Beret

Pro Vietnam song

A Market day in France

Open market in South of France

Kennedy-Nixon Debate

The first televised Debate of JFK and Nixon

Elvis Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Presley

Jimi Henndrix

Star Spangled Banner

Piggy Got Smashed by the Rock

Phil B. drops some sweet beats about the unfortunate events Piggy couldn't see coming (literally).

Stevie Wonder

For Once in My Life


Theme Song

John Glenn Rocket Launch

John Glenn's historic orbit around the Earth take off

Lord of the Flies: 2012 Edition

Isaac, Matt, Kristen, and DJ bring the action of Lord of the Flies into 2012 with humor and music.

The Dance (Lord of the Flies)

Lake and BenVo use the Kaoss Pad to bring THE DANCE to life from the Lord of the Flies.

Reggae Style (Lord of the Flies)

Jack's choir might have felt a little Rastafarian after this song with Lake and Michael.

Lord of the Flies (Ke$ha Style)

Alex, Morgan, and Sadie channel Ke$ha as they detail the boys' struggle on the island.

Northmont NJROTC

Our first attempt at making a video using Stupeflix. Too bad there is not a category like "other" for those of us not in the academic content area.


Oklahoma Land Rush

Oklahoma Land Rush