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Seinfeld Teaches History

History class gone very badly

Daisy Commercial

Election 1964 - LBJ Commercial

Hair Theme Song

Hair Musical

Oklahoma Land Rush

Oklahoma Land Rush

Change your gMail Password

Watch this video to know how to change your gMail password. *NOTE: our gMail has been updated since the time this video was produced; however, you are still able to follow the instructions.

Hero by Mike Lupica

Book Trailer


Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Training Uploading a Photo

How to upload a photo.

Training Uploading Audio

How to upload an audio file.

Training Uploading and Attaching PDFs

How to attach a PDF file to your media.

Training Uploading a PDF

How to upload a PDF file.

Training Searching for Media

How to search for media on this site.

Jews in the Ghetto

Jews in the Ghetto

Dance with wolves Buffalo

Dance with wolves

Training Managing Media

How administrators manage media content on this site.

Training Approving Media

How to approve student media prior to it going live on this site.